Linux Penetration into Entertainment Accessories

Linux is fast redefining synthesizers, routers and keyboards technology and performance, Linux true to its history believes in making a subtle entry into unchartered territories. While there is so much writing about the desktop dominance tussles, Linux has silently built a substantial base in new unchartered avenues of electronic consumables as well as cell phones. Today Linux is running most set-top boxes, media streamers, routers, synthesizers and keyboards. Linux is what runs the show at the London Stock Exchange as well as entertains travelers on innumerable airlines.


Linux on routers

Linux has taken silent leaps into the hardware applications for routers and switches. Given its domain expertise as a networking, storage specialists for enterprises, Linux has intelligently adapted its core competencies for the small footprint devices. Hence, it is the power behind most of our entertainment routers sitting ubiquitously on our television tops. There is infact great demand for these Linux-based routers for small business that are essentially in the entertainment sector and need powerful but cost effective routers to complete their application. Wireless routers like the OpenWRT firmware of course are in charge in that sector.

Synthesizers on Linux

Yes it is indeed a revelation when you realize that Linux can offer extremely effective solutions for the Radio and  audio products that are high end engineering. Given Linux’s history for rather gangly attempts at entertainment software you would not be very prepared for what it can do to synthesizers. This is especially true for synthesizers originally made for windows. The VST software synthesizers are run at lower audio latency using old versions of Red Hat Linux. This has proven to be very reliable and effective because now these synthesizers are run on boxes with minimal controls and do not require screens, keyboards et al. There is increasing segment of musicians who prefer the more compact, faster and easier-to-use Linux based synthesizers over the window compatible synthesizers.

Keyboards on Linux

Linux was the platform Korg, the Japanese seminal keyboard, synthesizer manufacturer, chose to build their flagship keyboard the OASYS way back in 2005. In some ways, the OASYS laid the foundation for how keyboards and synths using the Linux evolved. Korg has for decades defined the technology that is used for the devices they manufacture. The adaptability of Linux has allowed the Korg and later several of other brands using similar technology to process high-end algorithms.
The advantage of Linux-based synths has been their capacities for running thousands of algorithms required by musicians for each note they produce on their synths. Adding to miniature sized touch screen provides immense functional features to musicians. The Linux platform allows them to control the device hardware easily by tweaking a few buttons and are easy to program. These provide value addition and allow them to concentrate on their music.

Linux redefining entertaining industry devices

From routers to mobile applications, Linux has penetrated deep into the segments offering seamless technology that ensures the device deliverables are achieved with minimum hardware fuss. More and more entertainment accessories manufactures are looking to Linux to drive their applications silently, innovatively, efficiently and effortlessly.