Linux Kernel 3.10. It’s BIG!

We have not really seen any large changes or updates in the Linux kernel for quite some time. This is actually a good thing as it shows that Linux has become a strong, robust and mature kernel.

Development of the kernel progresses fast these days. And there is always plenty going on in the background. Follow the Linux Development Mailing List for one week and you’ll see what I mean. It’s busy. And it shows the dedication and huge amount of effort that the Linux kernel developers put in to each release and update.

So what does Linux kernel 3.10 bring us? Linus Torvalds tells us it’s the biggest update in years, possibly ever. That’s a big statement. And according to Linus, there are many improvements right across the board. Linus Torvalds is quick to point out that these are not all the authors of the code improvements as there are too many developers involved. But as a summary, he attached some of the improvements and the person involved with the Pull Request for the fixes/changes/updates, in his 3.10-rc1 announcement email:

Al Viro: (7)
VFS updates
compat cleanup
second round of VFS updates
single_open() leak fixes
more vfs updates
more vfs fixes
stray syscall bits

Alasdair Kergon: (1)
device-mapper updates

Alex Elder: (1)
Ceph changes

Alex Williamson: (1)
vfio updates

Andrew Morton: (5)
first batch of fixes
second batch of fixes
third batch of fixes
IPC cleanup and scalability patches
more incoming

Anton Vorontsov: (2)
battery updates
pstore update

Arnd Bergmann: (5)
ARM SoC platform updates (part 2)
ARM SoC platform updates (part 3)
ARM SoC device tree updates (part 2)
ARM SoC late cleanups
late ARM Exynos multiplatform changes

Ben Myers: (2)
xfs update
xfs update (#2)

Benjamin Herrenschmidt: (2)
powerpc update
powerpc updates

Bjorn Helgaas: (2)
PCI updates
PCI updates

Borislav Petkov: (1)
two small EDAC fixes

Bruce Fields: (1)
nfsd fixes

Bryan Wu: (1)
LED subsystem updates

Catalin Marinas: (2)
arm64 update
arm64 update

Chris Ball: (1)
MMC update

Chris Mason: (1)
btrfs update

Chris Metcalf: (2)
tile arch changes
tile update

Chris Zankel: (1)
xtensa updates

Dave Airlie: (1)
drm updates

David Kleikamp: (1)
jfs fixes

David Miller: (5)
networking updates
sparc updates
networking fixes
networking fixes
networking update

David Teigland: (1)
dlm update

David Woodhouse: (2)
MTD update
misc fixes

Dmitry Torokhov: (1)
input updates

Eric Paris: (1)
audit changes

Geert Uytterhoeven: (1)
m68k update

Gleb Natapov: (2)
kvm updates
kvm fixes

Grant Likely: (2)
GPIO changes
removal of GENERIC_GPIO

Greg Kroah-Hartman: (5)
char/misc driver update
driver core update
staging driver tree update
tty/serial driver update
USB patches

Greg Ungerer: (1)
m68knommu updates

Guenter Roeck: (1)
hwmon update

Helge Deller: (1)
parisc updates

Herbert Xu: (1)
crypto update

Ingo Molnar: (18)
locking changes
RCU updates
perf updates
scheduler changes
SMP/hotplug changes
core timer updates
extable dmesg fixlet
x86 cleanups
x86 cpuid changes
x86 debug update
perparatory x86 kasrl changes
x86 mm changes
x86 paravirt update
x86 platform changes
x86 RAS changes
scheduler fixes
perf fixes
‘full dynticks’ support

J Bruce Fields: (1)
nfsd changes

Jaegeuk Kim: (1)
f2fs updates

James “Jej B” Bottomley: (2)
first round of SCSI updates
second SCSI update

James Hogan: (1)
arch/metag update

James Morris: (1)
security subsystem update

Jan Kara: (1)
ext3/jbd fixes

Jean Delvare: (1)
hwmon update

Jeff Garzik: (1)
libata update

Jens Axboe: (2)
block core updates
block driver updates

Jiri Kosina: (4)
trivial tree updates
HID updates
fixup for trivial branch
HID fixes

Joerg Roedel: (1)
IOMMU updates

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk: (2)
Xen updates
Xen bug-fixes

Len Brown: (1)
idle update

Linus Walleij: (2)
pinctrl update
pinctrl fixes

Mark Brown: (3)
regmap updates
regulator updates
spi updates

Martin Schwidefsky: (2)
s390 update
more s390 updates

Matthew Garrett: (1)
x86 platform drivers

Matthew Wilcox: (1)
NVMe driver update

Mauro Carvalho Chehab: (3)
media update
edac fixes
omap3isp clk support

Michael Tsirkin: (2)
vhost cleanups and fixes
more vhost fixes

Michael Turquette: (1)
clock framework update

Michal Marek: (3)
kbuild changes
kconfig updates
misc kbuild updates

Michal Simek: (1)
microblaze updates

Michel Lespinasse: (1)
rwsem optimizations

Miklos Szeredi: (1)
fuse updates

my IPC branch: (1)
ipc fixes and cleanups

NeilBrown: (1)
md fixes

Nicholas Bellinger: (1)
SCSI target update

Ohad Ben-Cohen: (2)
rpmsg changes
remoteproc update

Olof Johansson: (10)
ARM SoC non-critical fixes
ARM SoC cleanup
ARM SoC device-tree updates
ARM SoC platform updates
ARM SoC multiplatform updates
ARM SoC driver changes
ARM SoC pinctrl changes for Renesas
ARM platform specific firmware interfaces
ARM SoC board specific changes (part 1)
ARM SoC fixes and straggler patches

Pekka Enberg: (1)
slab changes

Peter Anvin: (2)
x86/efi changes
x86 fixes

Rafael J Wysocki: (1)
power management and ACPI updates

Rafael Wysocki: (1)
ACPICA fixes

Ralf Baechle: (1)
MIPS updates

Richard Kuo: (2)
Hexagon fixes
Hexagon fixes

Roland Dreier: (1)
InfiniBand/RDMA changes

Russell King: (1)
ARM updates

Rusty Russell: (2)
virtio & lguest updates
mudule updates

Samuel Ortiz: (1)
MFD update

Sarah Sharp: (1)
ReportingBugs rewrite

Stefan Richter: (1)
firewure updates

Stefano Stabellini: (1)
ARM Xen SMP updates

Steve French: (1)
CIFS fixes

Steven Miao: (1)
blackfin updates

Steven Rostedt: (4)
tracing updates
ktest update
localmodconfig changes
tracing/kprobes update

Steven Whitehouse: (1)
GFS2 updates

Sumit Semwal: (1)
dma-buf updates

Takashi Iwai: (2)
sound updates
sound fixes

Ted Ts’o: (1)
ext4 updates

Tejun Heo: (5)
percpu patch
async update
workqueue updates
cgroup updates
libata maintainership change

Thierry Reding: (1)
pwm changes

Tomi Valkeinen: (1)
fbdev updates

Tony Luck: (2)
ia64 fixes
trivial pstore update

Trond Myklebust: (2)
NFS client bugfixes and cleanups
more NFS client bugfixes

Tyler Hicks: (1)
eCryptfs update

Vineet Gupta: (2)
ARC port updates
second set of arc arch updates

Vinod Koul: (1)
slave-dmaengine updates

Wim Van Sebroeck: (1)
watchdog update

Wolfram Sang: (1)
i2c changes

Zhang Rui: (1)
thermal management update

So as you can see, Linux kernel 3.10 is going to be a big update. And for the many hoards of developers among the community, there’s plenty of technical goodness to start hacking.