LibreOffice3.3 Final is released! Installation for Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Debian and Fedora included | Linux

The Document Foundation launches today LibreOffice 3.3, this is the first stable of the free office suite developed by the community. According to the announcement, the grown of the number of developer working in the project helped to speed up the development of LibreOffice3.3 : “In less than four months, the number of developers hacking LibreOffice has grown from less than twenty in late September 2010, to well over one hundred today. This has allowed us to release ahead of the aggressive schedule set by the project.”libreoffice-logo


What`s New in LibreOffice3.3?

LibreOffice 3.3 brings several unique new features. The 10 most-popular among community members are, : The ability to import and work with SVG files; an easy way to format title pages and their numbering in Writer; a more-helpful Navigator Tool for Writer; improved ergonomics in Calc for sheet and cell management; and Microsoft Works and Lotus Word Pro document.


Future Plans

For futures plans of LibreOffice, Caolán McNamara from RedHat, one of the developer community leaders, comments, “We are excited: this is our very first stable release, and therefore we are eager to get user feedback, which will be integrated as soon as possible into the code, with the first enhancements being released in February. Starting from March, we will be moving to a real time-based, predictable, transparent and public release schedule, in accordance with Engineering Steering Committee’s goals and users’ requests”. The LibreOffice development roadmap is available at


Download and Install LibreOffice3.3

If you are an Ubuntu User, there is a PPA available for Libreoffice but still not updated. You need to wait until the packages of LibreOffice 3.3 Final  are uploaded to the PPA. If you can`t wait, you can install LibreOffice using the .deb packages. See our previous how to install LibreOffice in Ubuntu and LinuxMint.
For other Linux distributions you can download Libreoffice from this link, and follow the installation instructions in this post.