Learn Geography With KGeography On Ubuntu

As you might already know, Geography is the study of our Planet, inhabitants, its features and various landforms. Most people have ignored Geography subject and thinks that it is not that important and will start to study it only on Exam times. To be honest, I am one of them. Mostly i prefer to study Science, Maths and Computer related subjects only. I thought these subjects only will help me to growth my career. But later, i realized that Geography also takes place important role in some cases.

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Recently my neighbour kid asked me where is Bali island located. As I am very poor in Geography, I really don’t know where it is. So I logged-in to my Laptop and googled a bit, find it and finally answered him. He laughed at me and said he already knew where it is and he got curious whether i know or not. How tragedy, isn’t it? A small boy insulted me in-front of other kids. So i decided to learn Geography (atleast a little bit, i don’t want to be a master). I searched over Google and find a simple, yet useful tool called KGeography to teach me Geography.

KGeography is the part of the KDE Education project, used to learn world geography. We can use it to explore a map, show information about regions and features, and play quiz games to test your geography knowledge.


– Browse the maps clicking in a map division to see its name, capital and flag

– It tells you a map division name and you have to click on it

– tells you a capital and you have to guess the division it belongs to

– tells you a division and you have to guess its capital

– shows you a map division flag and you have to guess its name

– tells you a map division name and you have to guess its flag

– shows an empty map and you have to place divisions on it one by one

Read more on here.

Install KGeography On Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian

This tool is available in the default repositories of Debian/Ubuntu and its derivatives. So just install it using command:

sudo apt-get install kgeography

Launch KGeography

Launch it either from Dash or Menu.

Menu_001At the first launch, you’ll be asked to select either World continents, Country or a particular state in your Country. As i live in India, i chose India.

Choose Map to Use – KGeography_002Some of the states in my country is missing in KGeography, but you can contribute, add features, maps and improve KGeography if you wish.

After selecting my country, it displayed the whole map of the country on the right side.


The interface has two parts. The left pane has the option to explore the map of the selected country/state and the right pane shows the respective map. Now you test your self about your Geography knowledge using the quiz games given in the left pane.

Let me check mine first.

I selected the quiz “Location of States and Territories”. First it asked me to select the number of questions. I don’t want to ditch my head more deeply in Geography. So i simply select 5 questions.

Number of Questions – KGeography_004Now the quiz starts. You’ll be asked to select the correct answer for the questions given on the left pane.

KGeography_006As you see in the above screen, it asks me to click on the correct place of Manipur. At the end of the test, it will automatically display the correct answers along with your selected answers.

Your Answers Were – KGeography_007As you in the above screenshot, my result is Zero. I don’t even know my own country regions. How poor i am in Geography? Ok, don’t laugh, I hope there are many out there as like me.

Suppose if you want to learn about a different country or state, what you will do? It’s very simple. Click Open Map on the Menu bar or go to File -> Open Map or Just press the CTRL+ O and select the desire Country/state.

KGeography_008For me, KGeography seems very interesting and fun tool that helps to improve the Geographical knowledge. Hope it useful for you. Cheers!

References: KGeography Wiki