Latest Humble Indie Bundle out: 7-New Linux games make a debut

The Humble Indie Bundle 4 sales is on from 13Dec to 27 Dec. Offered online by Humble Bundle Inc., this bundle, for the first-time brings 7-New Epic games for Linux and other platforms  Working on the principle of bringing games free of Digital Rights Management to gamers, Humble Bundle, Inc adopted the ‘users-pay-as-you-want’ model to offer the best of games in the industry on its maiden bundle, the Humble Indie Bundle (HID) 1. It included the World of Goo and as sales of this bundle crossed $1m in sales on debut, several popular games put their source codes on the public domain. This means that, the best of the games are now available on the open source format.

Carrying this success forward, HID1 was followed by HID2, HID3 , and now HID4 is expected to post record-breaking sales.

Humble Indie Bundle 4

HID 4, has for the first time in the history of the Humble Bundle Inc (HBI), optimized these games for several platforms, over and above the standard Windows platform. As these seven new Epic games make to the Linux platform, open source community has a lot to cheer!

Five Games and Two Bonus Games

HID 4 includes five major games-

  1. Jamestown by Final Form Games

  2. Bit.Trip Runner by Gaijin Games

  3. Super Meat Boy by Team Meat

  4. Shank by Klei Entertainment and

  5. NightSky by Nicalis

Sales of these games have crossed the $1 million in just the first day, which is a first for HID sales.

Since16 Dec the soundtracks for all the games have been released.

These games are supported directly by the developers through regular and intermediate fixes.

In fact, HBI has a great offer on this. For every more-than average price for bundle, users can download the two most popular indie favorites- Cave Story + and Gratuitous Space Battles.

To know more on system requirements go here.

First Linux build

HDI, have sought support from Linux gamers, as this is their first build of the seven Linux builds. 1.0 issue is to released as soon as developers are able to work on fixes for them.

HID 4 Charities

The major factor that has made HID-format popular, is the satisfaction game-buyers get of having contributed to a cause, close to their hearts. The USP of HID has been great experience contributors get by splitting their contribution amount with either developers or charities.

Each bundle offer is associated with a major charity and this time around for HID 4, buyers can make a contribution to the American Red Cross or to Child’s Play as well developers.



Platform-based contribution reveals following patterns

Linux (in blue)

Mac (in green) and

Windows (in purple)


Humble Bundles brings greater gaming to Linux

Humble Bundles has single-handled turned around the gaming industry on the Linux platform. It has provided the right platform for developers to develop and directly offer users, games across all platforms. Besides, it also provides developers a profitable business model, bringing in greater number of developers from outside the open source community as well.