Larry Page, “Dear Google Users”

Internet media has reported that the NSA, the secretive United States Government Organization, has direct access to servers of some of the biggest web and technology companies in the world. Google, Microsoft, Skype and Facebook have all been in the headlines. The NSA has developed a project called PRISM which allows officials to collect private information from users such as search history, emails and files they send.

We all know that Google’s mission is to organize worlds information, make it universally accessible and useful. But we are interested in things we do not know about Google. Is Google part of the PRISM project? I don’t think so and I hope not.

Larry Page the CEO of Google posted a short message about this situation on his Google+ account. He says that Google is not part of this program or any similar program and that nobody can touch Google’s users. Larry writes, Google have not heard about the PRISM program until now. He says that Google provides user data to Governments only in accordance with the law and as required. Read the all message here.

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