KDE 4.11 Released, New Features And Improvements

Hello Guys, it is August 15 and yesterday the KDE 4.11 version was released with major updates, major fixes and new features. Some of these updates include updates to the Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform. A very good thing to know is that the Plasma Workspaces will receive long term support and the KDE development  team is working on the technical to transition to Frameworks 5.

KDE 4.11 deliver a very good performance and continues to focus on stability. I have great news for Python and Java developers that like the KDE, the KDE 4.11 supports new plugins for Kate, which is an advanced text editor for KDE. These plugins are very helpful to Python and Javascript developers because they help them to be more productive. Who doesn’t want to be more productive in his/her development process?

An important thing you all should know is that this release of KDE is dedicated to