Kaspersky antivirus use Linux to rescue Windows

Windows doesn’t live up to its mainstream usage requirements, especially in the security sector that Microsoft offers few and obsolete tools with which you can do very little in case you need to save the day (and your data).

Linux live cd’s are very useful and handy when it comes to saving data from a Windows partition that has been infected by viruses, trojans etc. Seems like the well known Russian company Kaspersky, that specializes in computer security software, found a good way to use the power of Linux live cd’s for the benefit of their customers.

What you see in the above image is a Gentoo based live cd with KDE, that Kaspersky calls Rescue Disk. This tool is dedicated to the restoration of Windows operating systems by scanning and removing viruses, Trojan and malware from infected PCs.

Linux is not only the most secure operating system, but also the best antivirus too!

Kaspersky Rescue Disk