Jolla Will Launch First in Helsinki, Finland

Before sharing some news with you guys abouut the Jolla smartphone device, I think would be nice if I give a short introduction to Jolla because there are many people new to it.

What is Jolla? Who created it?

Jolla is a smartphone from “Finland” which runs Sailfish operating system. Many thought that this smartphone never came to be, but the hard work and dedication of developers and engineers made it possible.

Short History

The decision of Nokia to go with Windows Phone and abandon MeeGo mobile operating system disappointed the developers that had worked very hard and put countless hours on the MeeGo platform. They ended up jobless and very disappointed. They loved the project they had been working on, so they did not give up, they stayed together and worked hard on the project and the result is Jolla, not only a smartphone but also a movement. These developers had a dream, and they chased it! An example that everybody should look at the moments of thinking to give up.

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Jolla Launch

Have you been sitting out there and waiting for a long time to get the Jolla smartphone? Have you pre-ordered your phone in the first pre-booking campaign? Good, you will get your lovely device at the Jolla’s launch party on 27 November at Narinkka Square in Helsinki, Finland.

There are 450 pre-ordered Jolla smartphones which will be given to the invited customers. According to the Jolla’s official website, invitations to the event will be sent in the priority order we have received the pre-bookings.

So you love to go to the event, but you just can’t? Don’t worry, if you can’t attend the party for any reason, Jolla we will email you instructions to complete your payment online and ship your device in priority order.

And for you guys that want to buy a Jolla smartphone but have not done any pre-order, there will be the option to buy a Jolla smartphone device through direct online sales.