Its now time to look at Argentinian Tuqito, Indonesian Blankon Linux and visit Parsix for Linux3.7

Discovering new distros is the fun part of open source software. Here is a very brief list of three new releases and an even more brief discussion, allowing you linux-logothe pleasure of exploring these first hand.


The first on the list is, BlankOn an Indonesian Ubuntu distribution that supports a host of consumer software, which includes office programs, internet applications, financial applications, graphics, multimedia file formats. Goal of this project is to enable academic, enterprise domain capabilities and hence include all of the above features. It follows a annual or bi-annual release.
The philosophy of this project makes for interesting reading. One it intends to ‘Fill’ ‘Blank’ users and hence the name BlankOn. Apparently, the name is also a take, as a crash helmet against dependency on proprietary software.  Learn more of the BlankOn project here.


Tuquito Project

Now some Argentinean flavour with the interesting Tuquito Project.  An Ubuntu distribution on live CD and looks to optimize hardware support and is compatible with a host of operating System. It allows automatic hardware detection, supports web cams, scanners as well as digital cameras.
Tuquito defined as an operating system Project and was begun in 2003, by a group of students at the National University of Tucuman. It has installed standard packages and applications, some of which are proprietary software, out of the wish to encourage greater compatibility of the project. However, all applications developed by this team are available as open source software.
The project believes in supporting all platform OS and offers seamless use with proprietary software such as Microsoft Windows and similar software. Oriented to optimize the learning curve of beginners, this project finds great support from the intermediate level Linux as well.
Here gThumb is replaced with Shotwell and Tuquito Control Centre and Program Manger with new start-up theme are now available. It has an interesting social operating system and hence becomes a formidable operating system with interesting desktop and web applications.
You could download this project here.

 Parsix Project

Parsix GNU/Linux is a Persian (Iranian) desktop running on Debian and KANOTIX. Available as Live an installation DVD, the project goal is to optimize the OS for desktop and laptop with easy to use, easy to install features. GNOME is available as the default desktop environment. Additionally, Parsix GNU/Linux is enabled for installation of software packages, whenever required from APT repositories of the project.
 An interesting feature on Parsix is the Multimedia repository called Wonderland available from Sept 2010 onwards. The new releases are named after the Happy Feet movie characters. It comes with custom patch kernel and in Live form ideal for use in data recovery, hard drive partitioning and similar activities. It supports Persian keyboard and xFarDic dictionary along with great number of free Persian fonts by FarsiWeb , FPF projects.  This interesting project is looking for greater community support.  You can discover more on the project here.

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