Insync for ‘Google Drive’ On Ubuntu

However much Google is open source software, it is indeed surprising to note that its latest ‘cloud storage’ service Google Drive yet lacks a Linux client. As usual the community has worked around it to offer any number of such solutions with Insync ; while there is Google Docs Fs PPA itself( though originally developed for Google Docs).

Though at the time of Google Drive’s launch Ubuntu One was already available and Dropbox continued to garner large market share, expectation of Google Drive’s adoption were never in doubt.

So were the expectations of a release for complete Linux support as well. This was especially in the light of iOs already figuring in the list that would have exclusive Google Drive clients.

Google typically offers the best in class cloud storage features through a set of apps. Using these features, users can sync  directly from the operating system on which Google Drive is currently under use on all types of devices: mobile, desktop and from browser or directly from

As Google’s internal OS itself is based on Ubuntu, the expectation is that sooner or later, the Linux client will arrive, until then here is look at how to use InSync to synchronize your storage on Google Drive.

Insync and Google Drive for Ubuntu

The first point to note with the app that is on offer for synchronizing Google Drive with Ubuntu OS is that  there is no storage- temporary or otherwise – of your data but ONLY on your desktop and then directly on your Google Drive account. Of course, only authentication and some metadata of the data on store are held by the app-owners.


The attempt made by Insync is to ensure that all files and folders that are always in sync with Google Drive. This is done through instantaneous syncing of all content for Ubuntu OS to the Drive as well as some great add-on features such as offline editing; sharing of documents and generating links for this purpose through Nautilus; a robust INDICATOR APPLET for easier notification and management of synchronizing files and a thoughtful feature, support for more than one account.

Insych for Google Drive is now available for Ubuntu 12.04. Once Insych is installed, Google will authenticate your account, the app will call for an insync directory which is then placed on the Home folder. Additional account folders will appear as separate folders here.

Similarly files can be shared by a simple right-click. Further, errors and changes can be affected through the notifications folder via the Indicator Menu that will prove the status of the application.

The Insync folder will also allow for quick links and reach an online interface. Besides a sub-menu for managing all accounts- either for adding, deleting or editing an account is also possible. Download Insync with this link.

While Ubuntu One and Dropbox charge a price for 20GB of storage, Google Drive is free of cost for 5GB of space.