Install Wetty (Web + tty) on Ubuntu 15.04 and CentOS 7 – Terminal in Web Browser Over Http/Https

Wetty Featured

Wetty provides terminal access within web browser. It is a tiny utility that lets you run your terminal application within browser tab using both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You can carry out all the operations you usually do on your terminal, in Wetty now. It uses hterm terminal emulator on the backend and uses websockets instead of Java Script. It is fast as compared to normal terminal and provides much better response time. Let’s see how we can install it on Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems.

Installing Wetty on Ubuntu 15.04 and CentOS 7

In order to install Wetty, we must have following component on our Linux system.

  • Git
  • Node.JS
  • NPM

Installing Git: 

For CentOS:

 sudo yum install git 

For Ubuntu:

 sudo apt-get install git 

Installing Node.JS

For CentOS:

 sudo yum install epel-release 
 sudo yum install nodejs 

For Ubuntu:

 sudo apt-get install nodejs 

Installing NPM

For CentOS:

 sudo yum install npm 

For Ubuntu:

 sudo apt-get install npm 

Alright, all pre-requisits have been installed now. Run following command to clone Wetty’s GitHub respository to your local system.

 git clone <a href=""></a> 

Wetty Clone

Now go into this cloned directory.

 cd wetty 

Install Wetty by using the following command here:

 npm install 

This is how the successful install process should look like.

Wetty Install

Running Wetty over HTTP:

Congratulations, Wetty has been installed successfully, now start it over HTTP by using the following command:

 node app.js -p 3000 

It will start Wetty on port 3000; Launch your web brower and load http://localhost:3000 ; here is your Wetty in action. Login with your SSH login credentials and start using this fast web terminal.


Running Wetty over HTTPS:

If your have a valid SSL certificate, you can start Wetty on SSL port by using the following command (Replace your SSL key Certificate names and paths in the following command).

 node app.js --sslkey key.pem --sslcert cert.pem -p 3000 


By using Wetty, you can work on your current system via SSH or can connect remote computers too. It is known for its speed, you can use this lightweight utility to better and quickly manage your Linux systems.