How to Install WebERP with Ubuntu 15.10



WebERP is an open source, very popular and business process management system which comes in more then 33 languages, it is open source and totally free application which is based on PHP, is is one of the best available business administration software with very low footprint and minimum network traffic.


Some of the highlighted features are:

General Features

totally web based, platform independent and can be easily integrated with a wiki, it comes with customizable themes.


Role base authentication for users, all inputs are sanitised to prevent mysql injections and cross site scripting, pages can be encrypted using SSL. Users can permitted to see defined portions/modules only.


Stock management, stock movement history, selling price in various currencies, reorder level can be maintained, Bill of Material can be maintained.

Accounts and finance management

Supplier management, invoice management, bank accounts can be added and bank accounts reconciliation statements can be generated.


Work order costing, automated issue of components required as per Bill of Material, issue of labour time or other services to work order.

Installation and prerequisites

This ERP be is easy to install in a straightforward manner, you will need a a fresh Ubuntu 15.10 based machine with minimum dual core processor, minimum 4 GB RAM, A web server  apache2/nginx, mysql database, php packages are required in form of software.


Update system

# apt-get update

Install Database server

# apt-get install mysql-server

Install your favourite web server

# apt-get install apache2

Install php

# apt-get install php5

Create a database and a database user which will have all access to this newly created database

#mysql -u root -p mysql

mysql>create database weberp;

mysql> grant all on weberp.* to 'unixmen'@'localhost' identified by 'password';

mysql>flush privileges;


Download package from this link

Extract package to /var/www/html/

# unzip -d /var/www/html

Change permissions

# chmod -R 755 /var/ww/html/webERP

Change ownership

# chown -R www-data: /var/www/html/webERP

Restart services

# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Open browser of your choice and type



When I click next, got encountered with following screen


So, I install phph5-mysql then restart apache service to resolve the issue

# apt-get install php5-mysql
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Click next fill required credentials




You can browse your organization logo, provide admin password, click next


Login with newly created admin password


Configure primary setting in setup section


Company preference section will look something like


Installation steps are finished at that stage we can explore some of the features in examples.


Add customers

Go to customer tab-> click to add new customer



Go to item menu  and you can add your inventory items with a detail



Asset management

Software provide a detailed feature of asset management, go to main menu and click on asset management


There are lots and lost of feature which you can explore by yourself.


This ERP is ready to use type of application, very effective for even Larger Enterprises, no hidden license charges, usable for retailers, stockists, production companies or other enterprises, a must have for any business who are seeking a  low budget or free open source ERP application.

Have fun!