Install Unity 2D In Ubuntu 10.10

Unity Testing had been an issue since the release of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1  because of its demand for 3D graphics and hence every Hypervisor failed  to run
 Unity properly even VMware Workstation. But Canonical has solved this problem by releasing a 2D version of Unity which is light and fast and donot demand 3D
 graphics enabled on the desktop to run which means it can run on any kind of system flawlessly.
The main goal is to provide a Unity environment on hardware platforms that don’t support Unity’s Open GL requirements. Many ARM platforms fall into this category, so Unity 2D expands Unity’s goodness to a whole new set of platforms.
Reportedly, there is very small difference between Unity 2d & 3d apart from the effects. 2D Unity uses Qt and Qml to run on the system and is now available only for Ubuntu 10.10 & Ubuntu 11.04.

Users who are concerned about the possibility that Unity does not run with good speed in their old computers, can now easy install Canonical prepared
 2D version, especially for those machines too old or have a video card not supported
3D (or even have 3D acceleration, but that does not run very well on Linux).

you can run two versions of Unity: one for OpenGL 3D acceleration or another in 2D, based on QT, and this is more simpler
 and can use Gnome.

For those who want to test this y, there is already a repository with a PPA sources for ubuntu 11.04 and 10.10. To install, run the following commands in sequence in
 the termina

<span>sudo add</span><span>-</span><span>apt</span><span>-</span><span>repository ppa</span><span>:</span><span>unity</span><span>-</span><span>2d</span><span>-</span><span>team</span><span>/</span><span>unity</span><span>-</span><span>2d</span><span>-</span><span>daily </span><span>&amp;&amp;</span><span> sudo apt</span><span>-</span><span>get</span><span> update<br />sudo apt</span><span>-</span><span>get</span><span> install unity</span><span>-</span><span>qt</span><span>-</span><span>default</span><span>-</span><span>settings<br /><br /><br />Reboot  or  logout. login again and  enjoy <br /><img src="" border="0"  width="860" height="540"/></span>