Install Ubuntu 13.10 Server Step by Step

Yesterday was a big day for Canonical and Ubuntu fans. Yes, After 6 months long effective development, Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop & Server, Lubuntu 13.10, Kubuntu 13.10 was finally made available to download.

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In the above awesome series, we want to add one more guide about Ubuntu 13.10 server installation. Here you go.

Download the latest version of Ubuntu 13.10 server edition here. Boot your server with latest Ubuntu 13.10 server ISO. You will see the following like screen.

Select your desired language.

Server1Click Install Ubuntu Server.

Server2Select Installation language.

Server3Select your Country.

Server4Configure locale settings.

Server5Detect keyboard layout.

Server6Select the keyboard layout.



Server9Enter your server hostname.

Server10Enter the username.

Server11Choose user password.

Server12If you want to encrypt the user home directory, select Yes, else select No.

Server13Select the partitioning method.

Server14Now installation will begin.

Server15If you have any proxy server on your network, enter the proxy server IP address.

Server16Select Install security updates automatically and press enter.

Server17Choose the software to install.

Server18Click Yes to install Grub boot loader. Server20Installation is completed now. Select Continue to reboot the server.

Server21Login to Ubuntu server.

Server22Enter the username and password to login.

Server23 Server24That’s it. Your Ubuntu 13.10 server is up and running now.