Install Ubuntu Make on Ubuntu 15.04 – Run Developer’s Tools with great ease now


Ubuntu Make is a set of command line tools that lets you easily install many popular developer applications on your Linux system. Usually installing and configuring development related tools is a pain, you need to download, install and configure stuff manually. With Ubuntu make, you can run single command to install the tools of your choice. Thus, it is now super easy to prepare your Ubuntu system as a development machine. It was originally known as “Ubuntu Developer Tools Center” but was renamed to “Ubuntu Make” later.

Installing Ubuntu Make on Ubuntu 15.04

Installing “Ubuntu Make” is easy, launch your system terminal and run following command to add its PPA information to your package manager.

 sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu-make 

Now run following command to update your package manager repositories.

 sudo apt-get update 

Install “Ubuntu Make” by running the following command:

 sudo apt-get install ubuntu-make 

Congratulations, Ubuntu Make is working on your Linux system now. Let’s see how we can install some commonly needed development applications using this tool.

Install Android Studio using Ubuntu Make

Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment for Android applications. The developers programming Android applications should have this tool on their system. Run following command to install Android Studio using Ubuntu Make.

 umake android 

That’s it, isn’t is simple and easy ?

Install Eclipse Using Ubuntu Make

Eclipse is an open source, universal tool set for developing highly interactive applications. It is probably the most widely used development tool. In order to install Eclipse using Ubuntu Make, you need to run following command:

 umake ide eclipse 

Install Unity 3D Editor Using Ubuntu Make

The latest version of “Ubuntu Make” lets you install Unity 3D Editor application as well. Run following to install this editor on your system.

 umake games unity3d 




Ubuntu Make is an essential tool for people using Ubuntu for the development of their software projects. It is a lightweight tool, runs from command line and does not consume any high resources. It has really improved the way development applications are installed.