How To Install Slackware 14.1 Step By Step

Some people were asking us to make small tutorial about how to install Slackware.

The only difference to other distro is that slackware is installed in text mode.

Boot  from  ISO:


Press  Enter  to continue.


Fdisk /dev/hda to create Linux and  swap partitions.


type setup to start  the  install.


You can read some extra help file if  you want

Slack5Select The Install Linux partition that you defined before.

Slack6Format The Linux Partition.

Slack7Select the file System.

Slack8Select the source install.

Slack9keep the standard selected packages and select OK.

Slack10Select full install.Slack11Install boot manager.

Slack12Select standard Screen resolution.

Slack13Keep empty.

Slack14Select No.

Slack15Lilo destination is preferable on Master boot record MBR.

Slack16Select  Mouse port.

Slack17Configure your Network .

Slack18Machine name.

Slack19Select Network Protocol to use.

Slack20Select Yes to confirm.

Slack21Select startup Services (keep SSHD On).

Slack22Select time zone.

Slack23Select windows manager.

Slack24Set root password.

Slack25Install is Done. Now reboot.

Slack26The  Slackware  start   normally in  run  level3 (text mode). You can start KDE  with startx  command  or  edit /etc/inittab and change  runlevel 3 to 4 to start X11 automatically.