Install Scientific Calculator App in Google Chrome

Hello Guys,

I love apps that can always help me at the go. I came across this Scientific Calculator app in Chrome store and is worth sharing. When working some Mathematical problems you no longer need to pull up that calculator from your bag. All you need is just your Google Chrome browser. One good thing about this app is that it runs offline. This app is still a work in progress and we hope to see better features.

Scientific Calculator is a powerful, programmable calculator for Google Chrome.



– Works offline.

– Supports variables, constants, and custom functions.

– Save scripts online so you can access them anywhere or in a local library.

– Complex numbers, arbitrary precision integers, and exact fractions.

– Algebraic pretty-printed display.

– Full functional programming language.

– Supports matrix and vector operations.

– Calculation history lets you refer to previous results.

Install from Chrome Store



Enjoy 😉