Install OrangeHRM On Linux Mint 17



OrangeHRM is a free open source HR management system, it provides all essentials modules required for HR management. It is very popular tool which comes with very rich features.


Modules which are provided with Open Source version are as follows:

Dash Board and Administration

Dash board provides integrated and collective information from all of the modules in the form of real time trend graphs, it provides updated information regarding any pending task. Administration part provided a secure management system with the help of which admin user can manage employee information, organization information, organization’s property management etc.

Personal Information Management

Provides a centralized employee database, provide pay grades, salary and another information. Keep employee contact and travelling information updated,  you can search information of any particular employee as and when required.

Time off, Attendance  and Leave management

This module allow employee to apply for  a leave, admin can handle leave requests, define type of leaves, can send automatic email notifications.You can create time sheets to monitor employee information.

Recruitment and performance management

With the help of recruitment modules HR can streamline complete recruitment process.With the help of performance management module employee is enables for self assessment, he can understand management exceptions in terms of performance.

For more details:

Install OrangeHRM On Linux

We will be using Linux Mint 17 for demonstration purpose but is can be installed easily to CentOS 7, or latest Ubuntu versions. Minimum 2 GB RAM, Dual Core Processor and Minimum  4 GB space will be sufficient.

Update system:

sudo su
# apt-get update

Install mysql-server, assign password during installation:

# apt-get install mysql-server

Install apache2:

# apt-get install apache2

Install php:

# apt-get install php5 php5-mysql

Download OrangeHRM package from this link

# cd /tmp && wget

Extract that package to web root directory:

# unzip /var/www/html

Rename to orangehrm:

# cd /var/www/html/
# mv orangehrm-3.3.2 orangehrm

Change permissions for that directory:

# chown -R www-data:www:data /var/www/html/orangehrm
# chmod -R 755 /var/www/html/orangehrm

Restart apach2 service:

# apt-get restart  apache2

Open a browser and type:


A welcome screen will appear click next:

Selection_001Accept license agreement and click next:


Provide database credentials and click next:

Selection_003 System will check all parameters, click next or make changes if required:

Selection_004 Provide Administrator password which will be used for web log in:


Verify confirmation step and click  install:


When installation is complete proceed to next:


Provide company name and proceed to finish:


Login with admin user and password:


A dash board will appear after logging in:


Installation process is over  at that step, let us explore some of the features.

Add employee details:

Open PIM tab -> Click Employee List -> Click Add.


Provide details of Employee:


Will look something like this:


Similarly explore Admin Panel in which you can edit Departments, designations, pay scale or other details:


Try rest of the modules by yourself.


OrangeHRM is a very simple and easy to use application, no technical expertises are required. It could be very helpful to manage HR resources in any SOHO or SMB level organisation.

Have fun!!