Install Opera in Ubuntu 12.04

Everyone familiar to Linux has the right skills to install the applications he or she likes, but what about Linux newbies? Who is going to help them in their Linux journey? How can i install opera browser in Ubuntu?

Opera Browser

Opera is a web browser developed by Opera Software available in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. Opera browser is free of charge for personal computers and mobile devices.

Do you own a Nintendo DS or Wii gaming system? Did you know that Opera is the only commercial web browser available for the Nintendo DS, DSi gaming systems?

Opera browser was intially released in 1994 as a research project at Telenor, the largest Norwegian telecommunications company. Now opera is widely used in mobile phones, television set-top boxes and personal computers.

What are some features of the Opera Browser?

– built-in tabbed browsing
– fraud protection
– ad blocking
– BitTorrent client
– a search bar
– web feed aggregator
– Opera Mail e-mail client
– IRC chat client

Are you worried because your internet connection is slow? Ok, stop doing it now because in Opera pages and tabs load faster, even on slow internet connections. Opera helps you to protect yourself from malicious attacks by checking risky sites and alerting you to potential threats.

Install Opera Browser In  Ubuntu 

Visit this official website of Opera Browser and download  the fast and free alternative web browser for free in your Linux machine.

It automatically detects my operating system and gives me suggestion which package to download.  This is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

After you have downloaded the deb package just right click on it and select “Open With  Ubuntu Software Center”.

Figure 2

Click install and  ubuntu will install Opera Browser for you.