Install Nagios Entreprise XI RHEL/Centos/SL

Nagios XI is the most powerful IT infrastructure monitoring solution on the market. Nagios XI extends on proven, enterprise-class Open Source components to deliver thenagios_logo best monitoring solution for today’s demanding organizational requirements.

Designed for scalability and flexibility, XI is designed to make problematic IT monitoring tasks simple, while retaining the powerful attributes of its enterprise-class foundation blocks.

In this tutorial, will show how to install Nagios XI in RHEL/Centos/Sientific Linux

Before  install  Nagios  XI  You  have to  install  some  dependencies using the following commands :


Installs the Dag Wiers repo definition for RPM installations with yum


Installs required RPM, Perl, and other packages required for XI and its related
components. (will take a while to  download  and  install  all   required packages)

Some packages will fail to install, this is normal.


Creates Nagios user and groups on the system


Initializes the Postgres and MySQL databases. Sets the MySQL root password to


Adds entries to /etc/services


Modifies /etc/sudoers to allow the nagios user to run certain commands


Updates the iptables definitions in /etc/sysconfig/iptables to allow traffic for various


This is currently a null operation and can be ignored.


Disables SELinux by putting it into non-enforcing mode and modifying


Installs backup scripts for MySQL and Postgres in the /root/scripts directory and creates backup directories in /store/backups


Increases memory limit for PHP to 64MB in /etc/php.ini


Installs the SourceGuardian loaders for 32-bit or 64-bit Linux platforms to
/usr/lib/php/modules or /usr/lib64/php/modules. SourceGuardian is required to
decrypt and run some protected PHP files distributed with Nagios XI. Loaders for
other platforms can be downloaded fromht tp : / / www. so u rce gu a rd ia n . co m/ i xe d s/


Modifies the MRTG config file in /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg to use the RRDTool format and

changes permissions so the webserver can write to the file.


Installs various components required by Nagios XI – including Nagios Core, Nagios

Plugins, NDOUtils, PNP, extra plugins, webinject, etc.


Installs the Nagios XI scripts and php files in /usr/local/nagiosxi, sets appropriate file/

directory ownership, and creates and htpasswd file for use with Nagios Core and



Installs cron jobs for the root and nagios users.


Sets all appropriate services to start up in runlevels 3 and 5.


Imports base object definitions (templates, commands, etc.) into NagiosQL for use

with Nagios Core


Starts the NDOUtils, Nagios Core, and PNP daemons


Installs a welcome page in the root webserver directory /var/www/htm

When installation of the above dependecies is done withthout  issues,  you can acces  your Nagios page  by typing in you favorite browser the following:


– Now  restart  your  Server   and  begin  the  Gui install  via  the  browser :