Install ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus


ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is an open source help desk and asset management software provide and integrated platform where users of any organization can generate their request for IT resource, additionally it can play a key role in  performance monitoring and accountability of IT person. Basically there are two operational parts of this tools, first is IT assets management and second is IT  service tracking. System Administrators can keep track on organization’s IT requirements and they can assign duties more efficiently.


Some of the highlight modules of this ITIL supported tool are


In this module user send request for service support, then administrator can assign that service so any technician can be appointed to resolve the issue.


With the help of the tab Admin can easily track all of the assets distributed to various users on various locations.They can be easily categorized, like printers, cpu, software or other other accessories.


This feature act as knowledge base for users so that users can resolve their issues something by themselves, when IT person resolve some issue they can convert these steps as knowledge for future use.

Configuration management database

Allow to track all of Configuration Item in a single repository so that  admin can manage them more effectively.

Purchase and Contract

You can create a new purchase order and can track that order at any stage of processing, with the help of contract modules you can maintain contracts between hardware or other support vendors,


Hardware requirement

for 200 nodes with 30 technical login a minimum of Ci3 processor, 4 GB RAM and 80 GB f hard disk space will be sufficient.

We will be using CentOS 6.5 for demonstration purpose, download the package from this link

# wget

Change permission of package

# chmod +x ManageEngine_ServiceDesk_Plus_64bit.bin

Run setup


There is an option either you can run installation setup in GUI or in text mode, for text mode type following

./ManageEngine_ServiceDesk_Plus_64bit.bin -console

For GUI, click next


Accept user license agreement, click next


Select the version you are willing to install


In out scenario we have selected free version of the package


Provide your personal details and click next


Note down location where the package will be installed, click next.


Define the porn number on which that web service will be available.


Create /etc/ as your installation directory, details of installation will look something like.



Finally start installation process and finish


After installation is over close that window.

Open terminal and change directory

# cd /etc/ServiceDesk/bin

Run following command

# ./

When everything goes file, a message like below will appear

Server is starting. This may take a couple of minutes ...
ServerContainer                                   [CREATED]
SQLOne Search                                     [CREATED]
AdventNetCC                                       [CREATED]
AdventNetServiceDesk                              [CREATED]
ServerContainer                                   [STARTED]
SQLOne Search                                     [STARTED]
AdventNetCC                                       [STARTED]
AdventNetServiceDesk                              [STARTED]

Server Started.
Please connect your client at http://localhost:8080

Open Browser and type


Login with the default user name and password


Login, a beautiful dashboard will appear, explore all service and user as per your need.


You can access all of the required modules


Let us create a ticket for Internet compliant as an guest user. Click to problem tab, select reported by user, define level of problem, and priority, provide descriptions about the problem and submit.


Now this problem will be updated to the dashboard of administrator. Administrator can assign that complaint to any one of the IT person, as per the nature of compliant. Status of the tcket will remain open till the matter is solved and submitted by the technician.




This package is a must have application for organizations looking for a low cost but effective ticketing system, even this package will be helpful for organization willing to deploy ITIL standards.

That’s it for new, have fun!!