How to install LaTex on Ubuntu or Debian

This is a guest post, written by Tsamis Konstantinos. He is an avid user of Linux and Open Source, and also a regular visitor of Unixmen. You can contact him via email:

LaTex is a document preparation system and document markup language. It is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, physics, and computer science. Many of us use it for publishing important articles and projects for school. But how to install it on Ubuntu or Debian? We must first install Tex Live which is the Tex distribution for Ubuntu.

First to install the basic version you need to type:

$ sudo apt-get install texlive-base
$ sudo apt-get install biblatex

After the basic package you’ll want to install some extra packages and fonts so you’ll be able to write proper articles and academic papers.

For the recommended (basic) fonts you need to type:

$ sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-recommended

For even more fonts:

$ sudo apt-get install texlive-fonts-extra

For algorithm related packages such as algorithm.sty and algorithmic.sty:

$ sudo apt-get install texlive-science

After you install all these packages or at least the basic, you can run LaTex by typing:

$ pdflatex

You need to input a file to convert to pdf after the command. The .tex file you input will be converted to pdf. It needs to be prepared for compiling according to the LaTex format. To create .tex files you use any text editor and save the document as .tex.


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