Install KDE 4.7 in Fedora 14 and 15


How to install the Last KDE for Fedora 14 and 15.?


Fedora is working normally with Gnome 3 ,   this last Gnome is making problems for the news users :

  • it’s not installed ready
    After installation you need a lot of stuff to be able to change some settings

  • Font issue
    i hate the font of gnome 3, i have LCD monitor and i want a smooth rending fonts, i installed gnome-tweak , but it didn’t make my font like on Gnome2

  • Minimize and Maximize Buttons
    where are the Heck Minimize and Maximize Buttons, after some couple of minutes i discover you just drag you window to maximize , But i don’t want that, in all GUI we have these Buttons, even on windows and Mac and other other Linux GUI like XFCE , LXDE, KDE …etc

  • Very Bad Configuration Setting
    The Settings in Gnome 3 are very limited, are these all setting available?, Are you kidding me?

  • Not Simple and Not Easy
    You must make more clicks to get things done in Gnome 3 than Gnome 2. and i don’t want to learn a new Gnome 3 to be able to work on my computer

Like alternative we suggest to install the last KDE   Desktop   4.7 or Others,


First upgarde all  your  packages  with :

yum update

Go to directory

<span style="font-family: Utopia,serif;">yum.repos.d</span>

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

downloads the unofficial KDE 4.7 repository


Now you need one step to Download the KDE 4.7

yum install @kde-desktop

Please enjoy