Install Java/Flash plugins in Chakra/Arch linux

Question: How to install Java and  flash plagins  for  Chakra or Archlinux?ArchlinuxLogo2


1- Install the  packages

Pacman -Sy  jre flashplgin

The above  command  will install  the  following  packages jre-6u26-1   and  flashplugin-

2- Configuration

For  Flash  you   dont  need  to do any   thing

For  java  plugin

cd  /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins      or  lib64  for  64bit  systems
ln -s  /opt/java/jre/plugin/i386/ns7/

The  list   command  for  the  plugins directory

[root@myhost plugins]# pwd 
[root@myhost plugins]# ls -altr

Now  Check if  it  works

To check Java  open

To Check Flash  . try  to  platy a  video  on

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