Graphical Interface to View and Browse Git Repositories – GitG 3.17.1 is out now

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GITG is a GNOME application, which works as a front-end or graphical user interface for Git repositories. It lets you easily browser Git repositories and push your code to them. As you might know that GNOME team is working actively to release new version 3.17.1, so in this process almost all important GNOME applications are getting proper updates, GITG has also been revamped to new version 3.17.1. It has been made available for download and testing, once new GNOME version will be out there, we will see it equipped with GITG 3.17.1. Let’s install this GITG version on our Ubuntu 15.04 operating system.

Installing GITG 3.17.1 on Ubuntu 15.04

This application can be installed on Unity and KDE desktop environments as well, as soon as the required dependencies are met properly. In order to install this new version on Ubuntu 15.04, download it from following URL.

Download GITG 3.17.1

Download GITG

Once the download process is complete, launch your system terminal and go to the download location. Here run following command to extract the downloaded file.

 tar xvf gitg-3.17.1.tar.xz 

Go into the extracted directory by running:

 cd gitg-3.17.1 

Start GITG 3.17.1 installation process by running the following command:


Once  “configure” completes successfully, run following:


We are on the last step of installation now, run following command to complete the installation for  GITG.

 make install

Congratulations, latest GITG has been installed, launch it from Applications menu.

Launch GITG

There you go, start exploring and uploading code to GIT repositories.


Installing old version of GITG

If you are having trouble installing the latest version, or just want to install the old stable version of this application, then run following command on your system terminal. It is already included in Ubuntu package manager repositories, so the installation process via APT should be smooth and easy.

 sudo install gitg 


GITG is a must-have application for the developers, it lets them easily access GIT-hosted code. We hope new GNOME version to be developer friendly and equipped with more such awesome applications.