Install Fonts in Ubuntu

Every computer uses fonts. For example, fonts from the Arial family are very popular. What is a digital font? A computer font has many components such as glyphs, characters, or symbols. Fonts are a collection of letters, numbers, and symbols drawn in a styleare, designed and created using font editors. Note that fonts specifically designed for the computer screen and not printing are known as screenfonts.

There are three basic kinds of computer font file data formats:

– Bitmap fonts consist of a matrix of dots or pixels representing the image of each glyph in each face and size.
– Outline fonts (also called vector fonts) use B├ęzier curves, drawing instructions and mathematical formula to describe each glyph, which make the character outlines scalable to any size.
– Stroke fonts use a series of specified lines and additional information to define the profile, or size and shape of the line in a specific face, which together describe the appearance of the glyph.

Download And Install Fonts

Digital fonts come in a variety of file types and most of them are free for personal use. There are also a lot of fonts free for commercial use, but this article intention is not to discuss commercial use of fonts, so i think this information about copyright restrictions is enough. You can download fonts for free and use them under their terms and conditions. Most fonts are usually .fnt, .fon, .otf, .ttc, .ttf, or .woff but if you want a full list you can view it here.

Now, how do you install a font? Installing a font is as easy as double clicking the Font File you have downloaded and then clicking “Install Font”.