Install Facebook Desktop Messenger in Ubuntu 13.04

Social Media has become part of us in our everyday life. Everyone has at least one account. One of them that we can’t do away with is Facebook.

You might always not want to go Facebooking while in the web browser. Having a separate environment only for chat as on your smartphones can help and saves you sometimes from jumping over one Facebook page to another. OR If you hate Facebook chat and notifications popping up in your browser then this will be good for you.

Today, am going to show you how to install a desktop Facebook chat client. Thanks to the noobslab team’s PPA.

Installing Facebook Messenger

Open Terminal. (CTRL + ALT +T)

Type the commands below and press enter. Type your password to continue, also press  Enter again to continue adding PPA.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps


Run this to update your system:

$ sudo apt-get update

Finally run this to install Facebook desktop messenger.

$ sudo apt-get install fbmessenger

Features of Facebook Desktop Messenger

– Friend request (Confirm new friend requests).

– Facebook notifications and Online friends window which can be resized.

– Chat windows when you click friends online.

– Displays your Facebook profile image.

Launch FB Messenger

To launch Facebook Messenger, Open the Dash and type Facebook Messenger, Click on it and the image below appears.


Login with your facebook credentials and Happy Facebooking!