Install Edusec College Management System On Linux Mint 17



Edusec is an web based College Management Software used   for College/University/Schools/Institutions students and employee management, This ERP is developed by Indian based development Company named Rudrasoftech.


Although Open Source version of Edusec is provided with limited features but still  it is very useful for Education based Industries. Highlighted features of Open Source version as as follows

Course Management Module

Under this module user can mange Batch, Section and course(B.Tech, MBA etc) wise details.

Students Management Module

You can add students to different courses, you can download excel or pdf lists, reports can be generated easily.

Employee Management Module

Department or designation wide management of employees, Qualification related details can be added along with employee details.

Fee Management

Can collect fee, generate slips and bulk reports are also available as and when required.

Message and Notices

User can have their own accounts with limited authentications, Admin can send them message of day, notices or some another information.

Events  Calendar

Events calendar is provided on dash boar.


We will be using a Linux Mint 17 virtual box. To run erp in real life minimum 8 GB RAM, Core i5 processor and 40 GB Hard drive is recommended. LAMP stalk is required.

Update System:

# apt-get update

Install MySQL.

# apt-get install mysql-server

Assign password for MySQL root:

# mysqladmin -u root password password

Install web server:

# apt-get install apache2

Install php package:

# sudo apt-get install php5 php5-gd php5-mysql php-pear php5-dev libmysqlclient15-dev

Create new database user and  do not create a database because it will created  during software installation automatically.

Sample output:

# mysql -u root -p
mysql> create user  'edusec'@'localhost' identified by 'password';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.02 sec)
mysql> exit

Create a new directory under /var/www/html named as edusec.

# mkdir /var/www/html/edusec

Download edusec package and extract to /var/www/html/edusec.

# cp /tmp && wget
# unzip -d /var/www/html/edsec

Change ownership of that newly created directory.

# chown www-data:www-data /var/www/html/edusec/ -R

Restart mysql and apache service:

# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart 
# /etc/init.d/mysql restart

Open a browser and type, system will check for all of the required dependencies.



As we can see in above snapshot one of the PDP MySQL extension related dependency is not fulfilled, let us resolve it first.

Open php.ini file:

# vim /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

Put following entries in php.ini file.


When dependencies are resolved click to install edusec and proceed.


Provide database user and password.


You can use some sample data or can go with empty database, click next.


Installation is complete, click to finish/login.


Login with default user name ‘admin’ and password ‘admin’.


A dash board will appear after login.


Now installation is over at this stage, you can explore all of the modules. Add students details.


You can import PDF or excel format reports.


Manage Employee details:


Manage reports:Selection_042

Get fee deposited  and generate a slip:


Try various modules by yourself.


Edsec is a must have for any education based industry, very easy to use format. Students or users can have their accounts, no technical skill are required to handle various modules. You can import students/employee data in bulk.

Have Fun!!