Install DispcalGUI On Linux ( Ubuntu 15.04 And Fedora 22) – A graphical Interface For Argyll CMS Display Calibration

Dispcal launching

Argyll CMS is an open source color management system, DispcalGUI provides a graphical user interface to manage different utilities and functions of this CMS. This tool calibrates and characterizes your display devices using hardware sensors. It is a freeware application and runs fine on all popular operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


This tool is developed in python and here are some of the noteworthy features of this graphical interface.

  • Easy display calibration and profiling
  • Curve viewer and profile verification feature
  • Built-in Test chart editor
  • Support for colorimeter correction and custom CGATS files
  • Multi-display setup and customization of white points
  • Ability to create synthetic ICC profiles with custom primaries

Installing DispcalGUI on Ubuntu 15.04

It is developed in Python, so it needs python development libraries to be installed on your Ubuntu system. Launch terminal and run following command to install Python-dev package.

sudo apt-get install python-dev

The installation package for this application comes for almost all popular Linux distributions,  Launch DispcalGUI download page and pick the installer file for download from here.

Download Dispcal

Once download is completed, launch your terminal and go to the download location, run following command to install it.

sudo dpkg –i dispcalgui-0install_3.0.3.0_all.deb

That’s it, it should complete the installation process within couple of seconds. The successful install process should look as shown in following screenshot.

Install Dispcal

Launch this app from Applications >> DispcalGUI option.

Launch Dispcal

At the very first time launch, it will take a bit to download some required configuration, once done, hit “Run” from following window.

Run Dispcal

It will launch your graphic application.

Dispcal launching

Start using it 🙂

Dispcal Main

Installing DispcalGUI on Fedora 22

Run following command on your fedora workstation to install python development packages.

sudo dnf install install python-dev

Now download the installer file for DispcalGUI for your Fedora workstation by running the following command:

sudo wget

As soon as download is complete, run following command to install it.

rpm –ivh dispcalGUI-0install.rpm

That’s it, the rest of process to launch this app on fedora is the same as described above for Ubuntu.


It is a cross platform, lightweight app, highly useful for photographers, graphic designers and other professionals. It makes the use of Argyll CMS easy with its eye candy user interface. Hope you enjoyed the article, do let us know in comments.