Install Cherokee Web Server On CentOS 6.5/6.4

Cherokee is a high performance, lightweight, full-featured web server/Reverse proxy server. It is compatible with SSL, FastCGI, and all modern web application frameworks like NodeJS, Rails, and Python through uWSGI. The best thing about Cherokee is that unlike Apache or Nginx, Cherokee can be administered completely through it’s admin web interface

To install Cherokee on CentOS, you need  to add  EPEL repository.


# yum update

Start Install Cherokee and Rrdtool :

The rrdtool package is optional, it is only required if you wish to see graphs made on the cherokee admin interface.

# yum install cherokee rrdtool

Start webserver and make it to start automatically on every reboot:

# service cherokee start
# chkconfig cherokee on

Make password for  admin interface

[root@Unixmen-centos65 ]# cherokee-admin -b
Cherokee Web Server 1.2.103 (May 17 2013): Listening on port ALL:9090, TLS
disabled, IPv6 enabled, using epoll, 4096 fds system limit, max. 2041
connections, caching I/O, single thread

User:              admin
One-time Password: DYpS2jqzznobBduF

Web Interface:
URL:               http://localhost:9090/