Instagram for Android: What’s the Big Deal?

I’ve heard a lot about Instagram and when the app got really hot in news, I finally tried to give it a shot (though I’m not a big fan of camera apps). It’s an app that gives you different ways to edit a photograph and share it on the internet. If you like giving retro look to your pics, this one is just for you. Some people say that their pics look great after they passed it through Instagram, so let’s see what this app is all about.

Why is it a big deal?

The basic reason why it is a big deal is that it is simple and it makes images look good. People want to share their images on social sites like Facebook. This is why they want an app that would make their images look cool, which is exactly what Instagram does. Also, it puts all images in prefect squares, making them look iconic.

With perfect squares, you can use these images in any software.

Zuckerberg Instagram

Social side

Instagram is an online society in itself- like Facebook and Twitter. You can create a community following using this app, and meet new people with cool photography abilities. I took about 9-10 pics and interacted with a lot of people online. People commented on my pics and shared them. Some also shared them on their networks. In this sense, it is kinda like Pinterest.

Android isn’t monetizing Instagram. This means that the app is available for free. But if they do decide to monetize it, they can make a lot of money off it.


It is soon going to be like Twitter in photo sharing. It has already broken records on iOS with more than 27 million users this March, and some websites predict that this number will soon reach 50 million. And I don’t find it surprising. If you don’t like the hipster look of the pics, you can choose not to edit them and post them as they are. Oh but yeah, they will be cropped into a square. If you haven’t used Instagram yet, you won’t be impressed by this post. But once you install it, you will realize the network that is related to Instagram. I guess that is the big deal about Instagram- it lets you be a photographer and share your clicks online so that other people can like them.


Budding photographer looking for some reviews? Join Instagram and see how other people rate your images. It is almost like Twitter, but better than it. Try it and let me know.