How Import Chrome Bookmarks into Firefox

If you are avid Firefox and Google Chrome user might have asked yourself this question. How can I import Google Chrome bookmarks into Firefox browser? It seems difficult as first, but is very easy.

There are two simple ways to do this. Import:

1. From another browser (now available in new Firefox browsers).

2. From html file (if you are on an older version of Firefox, also works with most browsers)

 Let’s take at the first one.

1. Open Firefox Browser

2. Press Ctrl + Shift + O or  On the menu bar Go to Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks. (To open Bookmark manager)

3. Select Import and Backup -> Import Data From Another Browser.


4. Select Browser to import from, here Chrome then click Next.

chrome-firefox5. Select what to import.

what_import6. Import completed successfully.

import_completed7. You now see a new folder on the Bookmark bar with name From Google Chrome.

appear_import8. You can change the name and organize all these bookmarks via Bookmark manager. (Ctrl + Shift + O)


Is the Export or Import from HTML bookmark file from one browser to another.

For Firefox and Chrome here are some screenshots to help you.

Exporting Bookmark to HTML file.

export_htmlImporting Bookmark from HTML.

import_htmlNow you can have your bookmarks in all your favorite browsers be it Chromium, Opera or what ever at ease with the HTML import and export feature.