IE, Chrome or Firefox; who wins the race?

For about last 1 month I have been investigating about internet browsers and if not every day, twice a week there is a headline about any browser, claiming  to have added new functions. At the start of March, the internet was flooded with news about the to-be-released browsers. On 11th March Microsoft’s Internet explorer was officially launched, it was just 10 days later, on 22 March that Firefox 4 was shown off publiclly. Interestingly just a day later Chrome 11 was pushed to Beta channel. In this so-called browser race, who is the winner? In this post, we will discuss this very fact on stats based on March 2011.

According to w3school stats of March 2011, the leading web browser is Firefox! The statics further reveal that internet explorer and chrome, are popular browsers besides Firefox! W3School is a web developer’s portal, with tutorials and references relating to web development subjects and aim at providing information useful for developers.  They further notify the developers that “Global averages may not always be relevant to your web site” and “You cannot – as a web developer – rely only on statistics. Statistics can often be misleading.” Nevertheless, stats are must be given due respect and also should be closely considered. Percentage usage, by month is shown in the following figure.


The Internet’s broswer Market share

According to W3Counter, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer claims the largest browser market share for internets browser i.e. 39.3% Firefox, Mozilla’s popular opensource browser has 30.1% browser market share while Google’s Chrome is the 3rd, with 15.6% web Browser’s market share! W3Counter is a website tracking plug-in that is very handy for your word press blog. With W3Counter, you can investigate about your visitors and get information like “what type of traffic you are having on your blog, what OS they used while reading your blog and a lot more”.  This plug-in presents a dashboard, showing stats about the blog (visits, page views etc.) in form of neat graph. The plugin API key is premium but there is an option of getting it for free. The plugin API costs $9.95/month or $39.95/6months.