Howto- Install pkgin on NetBSD 6

In this post i will show you how  i have  installed  my pkgin in my  Netbsd 6.0 Beta.

What’s is  pkgin ?

pkgin is cool   software unix package manager  Like apt-get  aptitude yum en merge  for Linux  distributions

How to install pkgin

First  login  to your  machine

  • pkgin installation

The first thing we need to install is pkgin using the old traditionnal way of installing binaries on NetBSD:

# export PKG_PATH=""
# pkg_add -v pkgin

To be able to use pkgin we need to configure the following file : /usr/pkg/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf defining the repository we want to use, for example:

We can now update the database:

# pkgin update

If you  have  any issue with this  command   like not  found, try to make  a  symbolic link from    /usr/lib/libcryptoso.1 to
i have tested  this  method  and  it work’s

netbsd6# pkgin  update
 Database needs to be updated.
 proceed ? [Y/n] y
 reading local summary...
 processing local summary...
 updating database: 100%
 database for is up-to-date

Now  pkgin is ready, you can install   everything using the pkgin command. Example vsftpd

netbsd6# pkgin  install  vsftpd
calculating dependencies... done.
nothing to upgrade.
1 packages to be installed: vsftpd-2.3.4 (76K to download, 192K to install
proceed ? [Y/n]

Is all.