Howto disable AppMenu (Global Menu) in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

One of  the innovations introduced in the new Ubuntu Natty 11.04, we find the  AppMenus or Global Menu ,  an applet that moves the application menu at the top panel ( screenshot bellow ) which increases the visibility of the window .

Ubuntu 11.04

In one hand it is useful because it give us more space in the window of our application, in the other handit  is very uncomfortable if we have to  work very often with  the menu functions.

If you want to  disable AppMenus on Ubuntu 4.11 Natty, What you need to do is, open terminal and type the following command:

sudo mv / usr/lib/indicators/5/ / usr/lib/indicators/5/

At this point we end the session or reboot our system, we can see that our windows back to normal:


If you want to have back the AppMenu, just enter the following command in terminal :

sudo mv /usr/lib/indicators/5/ /usr/lib/indicators/5/

and you are done.

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