How to Install Burg in Fedora16 and 17

Burg is a brand-new boot loader based on GRUB. It uses a new object format which allows it to be built in a wider range of OS,including Linux/Windows/OSX/Solaris/FreeBSD, etc. It also has a highly configurable menu system which works in both text and graphic mode. In this post i will share with you how to install Burg in Fedora16 and 17. Unlike Ubuntu, installation of Burg in Fedora is a little bit complicated especially for newbies, since  installation  is done from source.

1– Install some dependencies

For PC version of birg, first you need to install the necessery dependencies:

sudo yum install autoconf automake bison flex make gcc ruby python gettext-devel freetype-devel

2- Download the source code

First, install bazaar:

sudo yum install bzr

To download source for the first time:

bzr branch lp:burg

After each update, you need to regenerate the configuration files by running this command in the burg source directory:


3- Compile and install Burg

To compile pc version of BURG:

– Create a folder for Burg and cd this folder:

mkdir $HOME/burg_pc
cd $HOME/burg_pc
$HOME/burg/configure --with-platform=pc --prefix=$HOME/burg_install

Now you’ll need to go into the $HOME/burg_install directory, and open Makefile in gedit. Search the file for “-Werror” (there should only be one occurrence), and delete that option. You should now be able to (still in the $HOME/burg_pc directory) run the following commands:

make install

4- Installation

Now you need to  install BURG:

sudo $HOME/burg_install/sbin/burg-install /dev/sda
sudo $HOME/burg_install/sbin/burg-mkconfig -o /boot/burg/burg.cfg

Now you need to download the fonts and themes:

Copy all contents of the zip to the /boot/burg directory.

5- Configuration of Burg

Go to the $HOME/burg_install/etc/default directory and open burg in gedit. I found that in order to explicitly state the BURG theme, rather than using the nifty “saved” option. I also had to set a few other values as well. Here are all the ones I changed:


After making the necessary challenges, run mkconfig again:

sudo $HOME/burg_install/sbin/burg-mkconfig -o /boot/burg/burg.cfg

Now reboot!

Please report if this worked for you. Thanks

Via Google code