How to generate a QR code in Ubuntu and LinuxMint

QR is short for ‘Quick Response’, a specific matrix barcode (otherwise known as two-dimensional code) typically readable by QR-readers and camera phones. Originated from Japan, it’s most likely the most popular form of 2D barcodes as of date.

Generation of QR codes in Ubuntu is very simple and straight forward, thanks to the existence of the software named ‘qrencode‘.

For installation,  You can install it via the following command or through the software center.

sudo apt-get install qrencode

After the software has been installed, we can generate QR codes  terminal.

Basic usage instructions are as follows:

 qrencode -o [Output.png] ‘[Link/Text/Information to be encoded’

For example, if we wanted to generate a QR code of the site ‘’, we’d type the following in our terminal.

 qrencode -o unixmen.png ‘

 That will give us this :


We can adjust the size of our QR code with the –s option.

For example, if we wanted a 10×10 pixels QR code, we’d have to type the following instead.

 qrencode –o m_wikipedia_big.png –s 10 ‘

A 10×10 QR code of the site will be saved in our working directory.

Thanks again to Convexity for this post

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