How To Fix The Clumsy Window Appearance In XFCE?

Hello Everyone! I am back with a small article regarding xfce-4 desktop environment.

As you are searching to fix an problem in your xfce system you would have already got an overview about the xfce desktop environment and yes you have installed xfce in your Linux system. And after installation of xfce you are feeling uncomfortable with the windows without Title bar and so you won’t have close,minimize buttons and your desktop will be like this :Screenshot from 2013-08-16 01_00_46So you want to get rid of this problem and enjoy the power of xfce desktop environment in your system? and you are at the right place.

Just by doing the following simple steps you can solve this issue.

STEP 1: You can use the terminal by now but still if you are unable to get the terminal just logout the system and log into the virtual terminal (VT) by pressing few key pairs (CTRL+ALT+F1) in your keyboard.

STEP 2: Enter your Login Credentials (Login Name and Login Password).

STEP 3: After logging in issue the following command in the Virtual Terminal:

 rm ~/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session*

STEP 4: Now you can login into your XFCE Xwindow system just by issuing the following command in VT where you are currently working:

start xfce4

STEP 5: Now start working with your beautiful and lightweight xfce system where you will have windows with Title bar.

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