How is Ubuntu Oneric Shaping up?

With Natty Narwhal, Ubuntu 11.04 operations on full swing, now the focus is all on Oneiric Ocelot, Ubuntu 11.10, scheduled for release on 13 Oct 2011, is growing by the day. On 2 June, the Alpha of Oneiric was released. The Debian Import Freeze is frozen and Alpha 2 is expected soon.

The Ubuntu Developer Summit saw most of the features being frozen and built the platform for better communications on building on a daily basis.

The latest is..

The Ubuntu Development Update is progressing at full speed with most of major changes almost taken care of, well before the Feature Freeze deadline a month and three weeks away.

The first peek at how it is shaping up so far is expected a week and half from now, with the Alpha 2 release. The Alpha 1 Release at the start of the month showed the move forward to Ubuntu 11.10 from Ubuntu 11.04. There is greater information, this time around, following the request at Ubuntu Developer Summit.

The Blueprints for Oneiric

With the exception of desktop packaging, updates for networks, which are under discussion. The essentials are mostly covered with most of the milestones achieved. As Oneiric is positioned to offer some of the truly crosscut versions across ubuntu.

ARM and security validation is making good progress along with other arm usbboot being approved and making good progress and to be available with the Alpha 3 release.

Looking for packaging and python professionals

The dhpython-transition is under the Ubuntu maintainer scanner and the dh_python2 porting jam and the invite is out for packaging python pros to touch-base here with a short track introduction, How to set up and going on to fixing bugs. With 44% of all packages on the CD, there is more to be done. Additionally, Barry’s IRC will also offer you other issues you would like to contribute to.

The countdown to Alpha 2 begins

As Alpha 2 scheduled for a week from now, developers are in full swing on several issues from Airprint, theme changes and other features as well.

Other news is that most packages that Fail to Build Form Source are fixed but for further packages to be fixed the download of the IRC is here.

Ubuntu Developer Week

The Ubuntu Developer Week is expected to be held from 11 July to 15 July and high participation is expected.


One Hundred Paper Cuts’ back on Oneiric Cycle

This is sure to interest a lot many. The One Hundred Papercuts Project is back for Oneiric as well as Natty and is expected to overcome the tiny, trivial bugs and will give an opportunity contribute to the development of Oneiric.

To learn more go to

Expectations by Final Release

Unity and better launcher, default display to migrate to LIGHTDM, replacing GDM, more powerful Ubuntu Software Center, Deja Dup for backup, no janitor/PitiVi, Gnome 3 as desktop environment, libreoffice will not be on the CD and Google Chromium as default browser, with Mozilla’s thunderbird handling the email.

Here is a developer snapshot of Ubutnu 11.10 Alpha 1.