Hosting on Linux is the best choice

Linux Web Hosting allows a company to build its web sites by using the Linux Operating System. Unix hosting and Linux hosting are generally the most cost-effective web hosting options. Unix/Linux are open source products and virtually free, and Unix web hosting and Linux web hosting are known to be stable, safe and compatible with other open-source techonologies such as PHP, MySQL, Apache, Python and more.

Linux web hosts and Linux web hosting companies like hostgator for example are similar to Unix web hosts. The cheap hosting industry has allowed Unix web hosts to provide enormous amounts of space in their web hosting plans with lots of installed features with Unix and Linux hosting.
Unix hosting and Linux hosting providers are among the most popular and, as such, can be found everywhere on the Internet. To help you find your way through the many Unix hosting and Linux hosting packages out there.

If you are looking for a good webhosting company, we advice you Hostgator for VPS and  Bluehost for normal hosting (Is the only shared hosting that give ssh access). We at unixmen had a very good experience with these 2 webhosts, we never had issues with them, they have an excelent support and the most important their Price/Quality hosts.

Note that both HostGator and Bluehost use linux servers and opensource products. Note also that this review is based on our experience with these 2 providers.

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