Here is more fun with Worms Hedgewars

If you have been a big fan of computer games, then you will be familiar with that marvelous game, called Worms, which released in 1995. This was a great single-player game, which supported multiple players as one team of worms overcame another.

An excellent adaption of the Worms’s game-play is the free-to-download game Hedgewars that continues to grip and excite players as Worms so many years ago.



Hedgewars 0.9.15-4 is available for download at the Ubuntu Software Center and version Hedgewars 0.19.16 is expected very soon, without significant difference from 15-4. While you are installing this game, Cmake displays the building process in percentage, simplifying the whole process immensely.


Playing Hedgewars

For today’s gamers, the game-play maybe surprising as it is more subtle and paced, offering a lot of enjoyment. A straightforward game, it has two teams of hedges, at war with each other, equipped with a host of weapon and maps to help win the war.

In the Hedgewars format, you could start with exploring the four modes of play available. The training mode helps players learn the skills of the game. The next mode offers you a quick game between the players and the computer, on any map.

Another mode supports multi-player games, with other players either sharing the same monitor or online. In addition, a campaign mode is presently under development.

Of the four modes, the multiplayer mode is the most challenging given the host of activities and options, like over 40 maps. There are several randomize options, which actually makes the whole game so dynamic, as every time the game is played new parameters and challenges appear.


Another lovable feature on this game is the type of game-play available. You could choose from the following game types – normal, no jumping, capture the flag, as well as random weapon.

The rich-features available for the game and weapon schemes are easy to control, right up to the detonation timer of the grenade. You can even control the types of ammo being dropped during a game.

These extensive game-customization features, not only make the game interesting and take the gaming experience to the next level.

What you’ll love about  Hedgewars

For starters, the game is an available on a free format and secondly, the game is very interesting and fun too. The game can be played with multiple-players amongst friends across a LAN platform or with any online player.


Surprisingly, despite the open-platform of the game, there are hardly any loop-holes that need to be fixed on the stable release.

Have fun

Statistics at Ubuntu Software Center reveal that Hedgewars, is one of highest-rated games and has a very high download rate too.

Given the wide choice it offers in terms of modes, game-play, as well as, randomizing options, it definitely offers players individual experiences and the desire to remain logged-into the game.

The wealth of funny quotes that come your way when you are playing Hedgewars are truly humorous and keeps you chuckling, till you read the next!

Have more fun playing Hedgewars! Download Hedgewars here.