GrooveWalrus: Music Player with GrooveShark and Support

GrooveWalrus is a unique standalone music player for both Windows and Linux operating systems. With GrooveWalrus you can play all the music stored in your computer just like the other music players. However, the unique thing about this software is that it has inbuilt support for GrooveShark and



GrooveShark is a highly popular online music search engine and music streaming service. It allows the users to search for the music, play it online and also create the playlist. is another popular website that has more than 30 million active users. It has the unique feature of recording the details of songs the users are listening from internet or from their computer and the information is transferred to the database of The information is displayed on user’s profile page and is also compiled to create reference pages for all the individual artists. This information is called scrobbles and is reported to have created more than 50 billion scrobbles.

GrooveWalrus provides inbuilt support for GrooveShark as well as It utilizes the vast database of available songs at both the services. With GrooveWalrus you can create the playlists from GrooveShark and as if you were creating playlist from the songs available in your computer. The user can bring all the saved tracks and recommendations from right into the GrooveWalrus application.

When you use GrooveWalrus music player you have wide range of choice to play the music. You can instantly play the songs from your local storage like hard disk as well from the internet sources like GrooveShark and GrooveWalrus is a single platform to enjoy the wide variety of music from different sources.

The image below shows the main window of GrooveWalrus. As shown in the image, you can select any playlist or the artist of your choice. Using the tracks to play is very easy with this application.



Plugins for GrooveWalrus

GrooveWalrus has some very useful plugins, these include:

  • Flash: It helps playing music from Dizzler and GrooveShark

  • Lyrics: This plugin helps viewing the lyrics of the song being played.

  • Web remote plugin: This plugin helps to control the application remotely from web.

System Requirements

GrooveWalrus is presently available for Windows and selected version of Linux. Here are the system requirements:

  • Windows: A Windows Operating system

  • Linux: Wine for Linux or run from python source

  • For Flash plug-in (Windows): Flash for Internet Explorer (i.e. you should be able to access with your IE browser).

GrooveWalrus is a freeware available from a number of download sources on internet. It has the size of about 9.9MB.