GNOME Commander – A nice file manager for the GNOME desktop

GNOME Commander is file manager aimed at people who want a fast and efficient file manager. GNOME Commander can currently perform most common file operations, and will detect changes to files caused by other programs and update its views without the need for the user to manually reload. The program also supports Copy and Paste, DND and MIME.

GNOME Commander Features

  • Drag’n drop.
  • GNOME mimetypes.
  • FTP using GnomeVFS ftp module.
  • Quick device access buttons with automatic mounting and unmounting (“no-mount” option for supermount users).
  • Rightclick context menus with the most usual file operations, plus configurable “send-to” favorite applications.
  • Latest accessed folder history.
  • Folder bookmarks.
  • Plugin support under development.

The latest version of GNOME Commander is and has been released today.

Download Gnome commander

-For Ubuntu:

Download Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid i386
Download Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid amd64

– For Fedora/Opensuse/Mandriva:

Download  rpm package for  Fedora/Opensuse/mandriva

Useful Links: Gnome commander home page