GNOME 3 debuts-the next gen desktop is here

The new baby has finally arrived. Gnome3, touted to be the next generation desktop truly lives up to its expectations. Designed to meet the new computational needs the Gnome 3 is most definitely not an improvement on the Gnome 2. It is a breakaway from conventional open source and will become more than your desktop. It is intuitive and has all features that make tablets so second nature. It will read your smallest gestures, like the busy

sign, and minimize all social media contacts until you are back to working on it. It is redefining how your computer works for you, since what you do with it keeps changing all the time.

Let’s keep the post-mortem for a week from now and take a quick peek at most endearing features on the Gnome 3.


Elegant, clutter-free and can we say-beautiful? Yes, it’s true the new look Gnome 3 truly delivers not only on the simplicity but powerful work slate factor but is so easy to use what with new visual theme, new font and new animations.

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Has an overview option

Get to see all your activities from windows to applications with a single-key or the Windows key to known and review swiftly, between tasks and activities.

Intuitive Messaging

You simple continue messaging without switching windows to reply is the icing on the cake for all you facebook-twitter community on linux waiting out there.


This is a feature that Gnome designers are truly going to be thanked for. Any new notifications will remain muted in the background, waiting for you to seek them. This will cut down entirely on all the distractions by subtexting messages and waiting in the background until you are ready to assess the new notifications. Distractions are therefore minimized and efficiency is back in your desktop computing experience again.

Rapid finger-touch access

The keyboard is all that you need to make sure you find all that you want on your desktop. GNOME 3 is designed for those who want fast answers and are not averse to clicking keys to search and find what’s needed.

Tweaked system settings

System settings are new, innovative, efficiently re-organized and bring that clutter-free feel. There are new ways that make browsing settings easier. Searching and locating settings has become faster too.

Some of the other features include a beautiful new font, side-by-side window tiling, redesigned file managers for that sleeker, faster and smoother performance.

What the Gnome development Platform will be

Gnome will go beyond being an application and tools kit. Developers will continue to build user interfaces on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Its technologies will ensure that MeeGo, Sugar, Unity perform better.

Gnome 3 is an aspirational product, which caters to the new computation processes, faster technology. Users now expect customization and want their desktop experiences to be faster, secure as well as organized and elegant. Gnome 3 delivers on each and every count and will be the generation next desktop.

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