Gnome 3.12 Has Been Released!

Hi guys,

I wanted to inform you that the GNOME Project has released GNOME 3.12 which includes many new features, updates, small bug fixes as well as new capabilities and APIs for application developers. The 3.12 release comes with support for high-resolution display, improved start up times and it is also a major release for developers.

You can easily organize your apps now by using the new application folders feature included in this version of Gnome. Thanks to a significant update Gnome users will have a better experience in finding and installing applications. Other major features for this release include:

  • Major facelifts for the Videos and gedit applications
  • Big updates for the Software and Web applications
  • Greater high-resolution display support
  • More efficient resource usage
  • New interface widgets and APIs
  • Improved documentation

Fortunately the latest GNOME release has been met with anticipation by the project’s partners. Red Hat is very happy to see the GNOME community continuing to push the GNU/Linux desktop forward according to the website. But, what would this release be without the Gnome community?

The spokesman for the Gnome Release Team, Matthias Clased said that six months effort wouldn’t have been possible without the whole GNOME community.

Now, lets hope that many companies and people who use Gnome benefit from the improvements in the new release and do not forget to share this article with your friends.