GFeedLine: A Social Networking Client For Twitter, Facebook And Tumblr

GFeedLine is a social networking client app that supports currently Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. The latest version GFeedLine has been released on Oct 26th, 2013 with many bug fixes and improvements.

Feature improvements

– Added support for thumbnails on Instagram.
– Added Polish translation.
– Updated Arabic translation.
– Updated French translation.
– Fixed bugs related to notifications.

Install GFeedLine On Ubuntu 13.10/13.04, Debian 7.x, Linux Mint 15/16

Download the latest version from the GFeedLine website. Install GFeedLine as shown below.

sudo dpkg -i gfeedline_2.4.1-0.1_all.deb
sudo apt-get -f install -y

Launch GFeedLine

Open GFeedLine either from Dash or Menu.

Menu_001GFeedLine will look like below in the first launch.

GFeedLine_002Setup Accounts

Go to Edit -> Preferences in the GFeedLine window to add your social network accounts. Click New in the Accounts tab. And Select your Social network i.e Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

For example, here i select Twitter.

Preferences_013The Twitter Account setup wizard will open. Click Continue.

Twitter Account Setup_014A new browser window will automatically open. Login to your Twitter account and authorize GFeedLine to access your Twitter account.

Twitter - Authorize an application - Mozilla Firefox_015Now you will get a PIN number.

~Twitter - Authorize an application - Mozilla Firefox_016Return to GFeedLine app and enter the pin number. Click Ok to continue.

Twitter Account Setup_017Click Apply to save the settings.

Twitter Account Setup_018That’s it. Now you have added your Twitter account.

Preferences_019Setup Feeds

Go to Edit -> Preferences. In the Feeds section, click on New to create new feed. Enter the name for your feed and select the target drop down box. Here i select Home TimeLine from the Target drop down menu.

Preferences_001  Now you’ll able to see your Twitter feeds as like below.

GFeedLine_002That’s it. Just like above you can add your Facebook or Tumblr accounts.