Geary 0.6.2 ‘Stable’ and 0.7.1 ‘Unstable’ Released!

Yorba is pleased to announce the release of Geary 0.6.2 (All users are adviced to upgrade to this version) and 0.7.1, Yorba’s next-generation mail client for GNOME 3.

Geary 0.6.2 is an update of our current stable release. Changes include:

  • Patch a major memory leak (due to GMime bindings)
  • Stabilize search sorting to prevent dropped search results
  • Prevent Inbox from being cleared on startup w/ Dovecot, Zimbra, Cyrus, etc.

Geary 0.6.2 tarball is available here

Ubuntu users can install via PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yorba/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install geary

Geary 0.7.1 is the latest *unstable* pre-release of Geary in preparation for version 0.8. Changes in it include:

  • Show attachments lacking a Content-Disposition (requires database upgrade)
  • Improved IMAP disconnect/reconnect logic
  • Autocomplete properly quotes RFC822 strings
  • Inline composer polish
  • ¬†Updated translations
  • ¬†… and all updates in 0.6.2.

Geary 0.7.1 tarball is available here