Five new distros you should not miss

The most exciting phase of the open source platform is discovering new distros, exploring them and optimizing them for your desktop. Here are five such linux-logodistros you in a variety of flavors and these are ones you should not miss. First, we have the Italian distro angusOS, then the FX64Linux, followed by the Russian distro Linux Wizard, R4W to support your Microsoft legacy hardware and then we will let you know more about in Portuguese of Brazilian origins.

As one becomes familiar with the rich wealth of distros available, the developer’s and the community’s user experience too grows helping it the drive the resourceful open source platform to achieve greater heights.

angusOS Well if you know Italian, you will be able more at ease in exploring this distro. It is a desktop Linux distribution for Italian users. Based on openSUSE, this is a versatile derivative that supports multiple software that comes preinstalled with Firefox, libreOffice etc. It is supported in tow varieties KDE and Xfce.

FX64LinuxIf you love exploring free apps, then this is the distro for you. Its community offers thousands of applications for every need. It is a Fedora derivative and comes with Oracle Java, Skype and RAR pre-installed and several essential systems like office, multimedia, and Internet applications from Fedora and RPM Fusion repositories.

LinuxWizard-is a project engaged in server solutions, customized solutions for workplaces, with automatic installation and configuration of custom-made servers. This is a Russian distro that lets you designs that help in securing your organizations information, giving it controlled access and minimize risks due to system-originating problems.

R4W is a Debian-derivative that lets you support legacy Microsoft Windows 98-XP era Personal computers. R4W is ideal for consultancies engaged in recycling, refurbishing centers as well as businesses. R4W believes in helping machines in good working condition to be deployed effectively thereby helping organizations in need of inexpensive hardware and at the same time minimizing eWaste.

SimbiOS is a Ubuntu derivative and has a great community contribution. SimbiOS is synonymous with speed, stability and is a very secure distro. This is a Brazilian desktop Linux Distribution used for its easy to install and pre-configured features.

This is a short round-up of some of the trendier linux distros that could prove to be helpful for a variety of applications.

The goal is to offer more specialized and better performing distro that not only offers you a unique, customized desktop and ecosystem but also contributes to your overall work efficiency.

The advantage of distros, is that you could use them for only one particular application you are working on and return to it later. Additionally the high-standards of community contribution is what contributes to the success of these distinct flavors of these distros. Available in their native languages, they cater to the developer community for hardware and computing environment native to their use.