FireSSH: A Browser Based SSH Client to Manage Your Servers

FireSSH is a cross platform browser based SSH client tool written entirely in JavaScript. You don’t need to install any SSH client in your system. All you need to have is a Mozilla Firefox browser. If you have a portable browser, then things will be much easier to you. Wherever you go, you can connect to remote servers/systems using this Firefox Add-on.

Installing FireSSH

Installing FireSSH is simple and straight forward. You need not to be a geek to install this add-on. Open Firefox. Go to Tools -> Add-ons. Type firessh in the search box and hit Enter. Now install it by clicking on Install button.

Add-ons Manager - Mozilla Firefox_002

FireSSH has been installed. You need to restart the browser once to activate this add-on.

Run FireSSH

Open your Mozilla Firefox and enter your remote system URL as ssh://ip-address in the address bar. Alternatively you can launch it from Tools -> Web Developer -> FireSSH. Enter the remote system username and password. That’s it. You’re done!

sk@server1: ~ - FireSSH - Mozilla Firefox_003

Now you will able to manage your remote server from any system and anywhere.